Shocking Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

In Star Plus Show Saath Nibhana Saathiya shows some high voltage drama amid Meera & Gaura as a heartbroken Meera ends up slapping Gaura.

It is seen that during the Shivratri festival, Dharam chooses to do the pooja with Durga and he sidelines Meera.

Dharam also says to  the priest to bless Meera Modi  so that he can find some other appropriate life partner for herself who would be able to handle her kiddish tantrums.

Meera is furious & heartbroken hearing Dharam’s words.

Gaura ( Tanya Sharma)  twists Meera hand & gives warning

Gaura provokes Meera  (Vandna Pathak)  by asking her to do Garba dance. Meera    starts the music and does a power packed tandav.

While she is taking rounds, she ends up slapping Gaura  ( Tanya Sharma) and the entire family is shocked to witness this.

Although Meera apologizes for her mistake, Gaura warns Meera (Vandna Pathak)  to stop all her drama &  twists her hand.

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