Shocking Twist in Tashan-e-ishq

Tashan-e-ishq Latest Gossip 

 Yuvi enters Chaudhary house to add fuel in Rajjo-Kunj's marriage drama

The upcoming episode will show that Kunj is stuck in false relationship with Rajjo.

Chaudhary has announced Kunj  (Sidhant Gupta)  and Rajjo's marriage.

Twinkle supports Kunj and Rajjo (sukriti)  to save them from Chadhuary.

While everything is going smooth and Kunj-Twinkle (Jasmine)  has made a escape plan Yuvi enters the track.

Yuvi's evil intentions

Yuvi finds about Twinkle and Kunj  (Sidhant Gupta) being there and enters Chaudhary house.

Yuvi is happy to see all mess and wants to add fuel to it 

Let's see what will Yuvi (Zain Imam) do now to part away Kunj and Twinkle.

Stay tuned for more Tashan-e-ishq updates of the upcoming episodes.
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