Shocking Twist in Tashan e Ishq

The forthcoming episode of Tashan e Ishq will show some high intensity drama with Yuvraj’s true evil face being exposed to the family.

Kunj will realize that Twinkle had been innocent all along and Yuvraj was the one creating all the problems.

Kunj (Siddhant) will throw Yuvraj out of the house.

Yuvraj will decide to take Mahi’s support and will enter her room.

Yuvraj (Zain Imam) will pretend to be innocent and do a fake drama.

Mahi changes avatar and become bold.

on the other hand, Mahi knows Yuvraj’s truth and therefore she will slap him out of anger.

Yuvi will be shocked and will stop his innocent drama.

Viewers will get to see Mahi in her new avatar after being soft spoken & quiet for so long
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