Spoiler Alert For Kumkum Bhagya

In Zee Tv’s Kumkum Bhagya will now show Pragya & Abhi  being stuck in a romantic moment together but will continue with their bittersweet fights.
It is seen that Tanu(Leena Jumani ) pushes Sarla down the stairs and Aaliya saves her from falling.

Pragya(Sriti Jha ) has a doubt that Mitali pushed Sarla. However, Mitali admits that she wants revenge from Pragya but she would never harm Sarla.
On the other Side , Pragya says to  Abhi that he should be happy that Aaliya did a good thing by saving her mother.

on the other hand, Abhi taunts her saying that she does not have a sister.
Pragya feels sad thinking about Bulbul but Abhi cheers her up by talking about the concert.

Abhi discusses with Pragya about the songs he will sing in the concert and also tells her that he will do a dance.
Abhi asks Pragya to practice dance with him and she refuses but she ends up falling in his arms.

Pragya enters room while Abhi is changing clothes which annoys Abhi
It will now be seen that Pragya will ether the room while Abhi is changing his clothes and Abhi will get annoyed.

on the other hand Pragya says that she too wants to change her clothes and Abhi will accuses her of trying to flirt with him.

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