Spoiler Alert for Sasural Simar Ka

Sugandha tortures Bharadwaj family for Chandramani

Sasural Simar Ka Spoiler : Sugandha and Aarti tortures Bharadwaj family

The upcoming episode Sasural Simar Ka will show that Sugandha's truth is revealed before all.

Simar tries to save her family from Sugandha and Aarti in Sasural Simar Ka.
While Sugandha enters Bharadwaj house and asks Simar to give away Chandramani.

But Simar (Deepika Samson) refuses to hand over Chandramani to them.
Simar had bought this Chandramani from Patal lok.

Simar refuses to give Chandramani

Sugandha and Aarti enters Bharadwaj house and tortures family members to get Chandramani.
Sugandha strangles Prem's neck with tie and he starts to suffocate.
Simar (Deepika Samson)  came to rescue her Prem and frees him from tie.
Sugandha once again warns Simar to don't mess with them.
And to give away Chandramani, let's see what will Simar do now to save her family.
Stay tuned for more Sasural Simar Ka updates of the upcoming episodes.

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