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 Dhara  tries help Mihir's boss and packs lunch for him

The upcoming episode will show that Dhara is upset with her decision of quitting cricket.

Roy sir calls Dhara and takes her to his home.

And introduces Dhara (Anuja Sathe) to his mom who is going through mental disorder.

And reveals that due to her wrong decisions of quitting dancing for family she is going through all this.

And suggests Dhara to not get to this level and whenever she feels suffocated she can call him.

Roy sir helps Dhara 

Dhara aka Anuja  is moved by all this and rethinks about it all.

There Mihir's boss is impressed with Dhara and gifts her a book on cricket.

Dhara tries to help Mihir's boss and packs lunch for him.

Mihir gets angry seeing all this and scolds Dhara for trying to get friendly with his boss.

Stay tuned for more Tamanna updates of the upcoming episodes.
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