Spoiler Alert For Tashan -E- Ishq

In Zee Tv’s Tashan-E-Ishq Twinkle has reached the place to save Kunj. She gets there in nick of the time when Chaudhary was just attacking Kunj by the sword. 

She runs to Kunj and hugs him, asking Chaudhary to kill her first. Sword was hitting Kunj, but Twinkle declared they will live and die together. 

Ishaqzaade…..plays…. She says Kunj is her husband. Chaudhary was angry on Kunj and threatened to kill him. Twinkle saved Kunj’s life, but Chaudhary has sent both of them to death cell. After these twists, Kunj’s lost love and misunderstandings get clear. 
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