Spoiler Alert : Shivanya saves Ritik in colors 'Naagin'

In the last scene of ‘Naagin‘ we saw that Shivanya got some information about the tattoo on her neck and on that Ritik answered that it is an antiquated print. Yamini tosses Sangram Singh from a mountain. Yamini controlled Ritik to gather Naagmani for the prosperity of his home.
Ritik assumed the liability to gather the Naagmani. Then again Shivanya thought Ritik as guilty party and felt that Ritik is deceiving her. Shesha and Shivanya aka Mouni  attempted to stop Ritik however he gathered the Naagmani. Ritik came to home and gave over it to Yamini. She goes more satisfied and took the Naagmani from Ritik. At that point Yamini wanted to slaughter Ritik. Shesha (adaa Khan) and Shivanya saw Sangram Singh holding tight a tree. They spared thim and Shivanya perceived that he is the individual of that cape. Shivanya came to realize that Sangram Singh is the genuine father of Ritik.
In today’s scene of Naagin we will see that Ritik was going to offer Naagmani to Yamini and after that Ankush Raheja and Yamini chooses to kill Ritik. This all discussion will get saw by Shivanya. When she will hear this Shivanya will move to spare Ritik as normal and Yamini solicited to fall flat the brake from Ritik’s auto a mischance will happen with Ritik.
Likewise we saw that Shivanya (Mouni roy)  and Shesha took the Naagmani by going as Business man why should there buy Naagmani. Shivanya brought Yamini secured with a cover all over. Be that as it may, Yamini harmed Shivanya and fled. Till then Shesha took the Naagmani to Shiv Mandir.
The merchants of Naagmani came Ankush Raheja and cautioned him to give Naagmani on that he denied first and afterward he gave the cash to them when Yamini requesting that he do this and after that Yamini goes outrage on that they lost Naagmani, the entire cash and additionally Ritik who can take the Naagmani back to them.
Ritik (Arjun bijlani) spares himself from get kicked the bucket and when he leaves the timberland range where is auto was dumped because of disappointment of brakes he discovers Shivanya before him. He asked that what she is doing here? On that Shivanya answered that she came to realize that his auto is brake fizzled and she came to spare her.
Ritik asked that how she came to think about this then he answered that Ankush Raheja was conversing with somebody was stating that Ritik’s auto is brake fizzled and Ritik will go kick the bucket today.
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