Twist and Turns in Jamai Raja

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 Sid doubt's Alex and finds her suspicious 

Jamai Raja: Alex tries to harm Roshini, Sid doubt's Alex's intentions

The upcoming episode will show that Roshini (Nia) and Sid are enjoy their holidays in Goa.
Roshini and Sid are happy to be together and enjoys each others company.
While Alex has some plans and organizes a game competition and announces prize money of one crore.
Roshini finds it interesting and wants to participate in game while Sid (Ravi) tries to stop her.
Sam-Yash and  ( Ravi Dubey)  Sid-Roshini takes part in the competition.
Sid wins first round of basketball competition, and goes for second round.

Sid saves Roshini

Where Roshini (Nia Sharma) has to take out key from the swimming pool.
Sid asks Roshini to quit the game but Roshini is excited to do it.
Roshini got stuck in pool while Sid ( Ravi Dubey)  rushes to rescue her.
Let's see how will Sid manage to find out Alex's real intentions.
Stay tuned for more Latest  updates of the upcoming episodes.
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