Twist and Turns in Swaragini

The forthcoming chapter of  Colors Show Swargini will show that Tanya gets successful running away from police’s clutches.

Lakshya & Sanskaar  run to catch Tanya but get failed to catch her.

Tanya is very much furious seeing Lakshyaalive a make a new plan to end Lakshya’s life this time.

On the other Side, Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini are happy with Tanya’s truth revelation and Lakshya’s freedom.

Maheshwari family celebrates Holika pooja and the victory over evil but their happiness will not be longer.

Ragini struggles between life and death in hospital

Tanya enters in the pooja and tries to stab Lakshya(Namish Taneja)  but Ragini comes in between of them and stabbed by Tanya.

Lakshya and Swara (Helly Shah)  rush to hospital along with Ragini where Lakshya prayers of god to save her because she is innocence.

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