Twist and Turns in Tashan-e-ishq

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 Chadhudary doubt's on Kunj's behavior and confronts him

The upcoming episode of  Tashan-e-ishq will show that Kunj is stuck in relation with Rajjo.

Kunj and Twinkle aka Jasmine are doing this just to help Rajjo (Sukriti)  get her true love.

Kunj (Siddhant) and Twinkle are getting closer due to all Rajjo and Chaudhary misunderstanding.

Kunj misunderstands some girl as Twinkle and tries to talk to her.

Chaudhary confronts Kunj

But the girl wasn't Twinkle and creates scene that Kunj is trying to misbehave.

Chaudhary comes there hearing all this and gets angry.

While Twinkle (Jasmine)  comes to defend her husband Kunj.

Seeing Twinkle and Kunj's understanding and closeness Chaudhary doubt's them.

Stay tuned for more Tashan-e-ishq  updates of the upcoming episodes.
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