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 Simmi finds about Suhasini's plan to supporting Swadheenta  against Ahuja

The upcoming episode of Dahleez  will show that Swadheenta finds about Adarsh.

That Adarsh is Suhasini's son and tries to ignore him.

Adarsh loves Swadheenta   (Tridha Chaudhary) and keeps on wandering around her.

Swadheentaasks Adarsh  (Harshad Arora) to stay away and that they can never be friends.

Simmi finds truth

Suhasini buys gifts for all and also for Simmi to sweeten their relationship.

Simmi also makes Baati chookha for Suhasini to impress her.

Simmi comes to Suhasini's office and sees Swadheenta (Tridha Chaudhary)  there.

And finds about Suhasini's plan to support Swadheenta against Ahuja.

Simmi informs her dad Ahuja about it and let's see what more is yet to reveal.

Stay tuned for more Dahleez  updates of the upcoming episodes.
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