Upcoming Twist in Star Plus 'Dahleez'

Dahleez upcoming twist

 Adarsh helps Swadheenta secretly

Dahleez Spoiler : Adarsh helps Swadheenta in her first case against Ahuja

The upcoming episode will show that Swadheenta has taken her first case against Ahuja builders.

Swadheenta  (Tridha Choudhury ) is tensed for her first case and tries to get lawyer Suhasini's help.

Suhasini refuses to help but gives some hints to Swadheenta regarding the case.

Swadheenta  (Tridha Choudhury )  tries to prepare for her first hearing but things doesn't work well.

Adarsh helps Swadheenta

Adarsh  (Harshad Arora) tries to help Swadheenta and tries to fall things on place.

Swadheenta gets late for court room while collecting all clues.

Adarsh   (Harshad Arora) again comes to her rescue and helps Swadheenta.

Let's see what destiny awaits for them.

Stay tuned for more Dahleez updates of the upcoming episodes.
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