Very Good News For Naagin Fans

Naagin: Sesha-Mayuri's fierce fight and Sesha kills Mayuri 

Naagin Spoilers : Sesha and Mayuri's fierce fights leads to the death of Mayuri

The upcoming episode of Colors Naagin will show that Mayuri is an icchadari morni.
And has entered Rageja house to keep eye on Shivanya.
Mayuri flirts with Rithik and has evil intentions to kill Shivanya.
Mayuri first attacks Sesha and traps her and tries to kill her.

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Shivanya (Mouni Roy)  finds about Sesha being missing and searches for Sesha.

Shivanya-Sesha killed Mayuri

Shivanya tries to save her sister Sesha from icchadari morni's.
Shivanya reaches to save her sister Sesha (Adaa Khan) and Sesha and Shivanya joins hand to fight with Mayuri.
Shivanya (Mouni Roy) and Sesha fights against Mayuri and a fierce battle happens between them.
Shivanya and Sesha manages to kill Mayuri and defeats her.
Stay tuned for more Latest  updates of the upcoming episodes.
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