Very Shocking Twist in Naagin

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 Shivanya exposes Yamini's truth and Rithik slaps Shivanya 

Naagin Spoiler : Shivanya reveals Yamini-Anky's truth before Rithik and Rithik slaps Shivanya

The upcoming episode will show that Shivanya found about Rithik aka Arjun  being foster child of Yamini and Anky.
And also found that Yamini and Anky has killed Rithik's( Arjun Bijlani)  real parents for nagmani.
Shivanya  (Mouni Roy) is shocked to know that Yamini and Anky now what's to kill Rithik as they don't need Rithik anymore.
Shivanya tries to expose their truth before Rithik and tells him about it.

Rithik slaps Shivanya

Rithik aka Arjun  gets angry hearing Shivanya disrespecting his parents.
And doesn't believe Shivanya and slaps her for doing all this.
But Shivanya (Mouni Roy)  is still trying to save Rithik from Yamini and Ankush's evil intentions.
Let's see how will Shivanya aka Mouni  save her love Rithik from Yamini.
Stay tuned for more Naagin  updates of the upcoming episodes. 
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