Very Shocking Twist in Swaragini

In Swaragini, the Maheshwari family members are jailed, because of Kavya. Ragini informs Annapoorna about Kavya's (Roop Durgapal) connection with house number 211.

Annapoorna reveals about their business partner Malhotras and their two kids - Tanya and Kartik. After Malhotras' death, a servant took care of the kids. But, Tanya burns the house and the servant dies, while saving them.

Tanya stays back in the Maheshwari house, while Kartik was sent to a boarding school. Tanya was close to Lakshya, and while playing, she kills their servant. The police arrest her, while Lakshya (Varoon Kapoor)  was saved. Tanya had warned them that she will be back to take revenge.

Swara assumes that Tanya  (Roop Durgapal) has changed her name to Kavya and is taking revenge on Maheshwari family. Swara goes in search of 'real Tanya', and from Kolkata and Krishnavati jails, she gets to know that Tanya and Kavya are different! Also, a police informs her that Tanya was released from the jail and is in Kolkata now!

Ragini  (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) meets the 'real Tanya' as the latter, coincidently, comes to their baadi to stay. She informs Swara the same. Swara follows Tanya and reaches house number 211. But by that time Kavya (Roop Durgapal) would have stabbed Tanya, and she would be almost dying.

The 'real Tanya' informs Swara (Helly Shah) that she is Kavya; and Kavya is Tanya. They had changed their identities in the jail. Tanya got released and had promised Kavya that she and Kartik would release her from jail. But, they didn't bother to look back.

The real Kavya (Roop Durgapal) also reveals that she came to meet Tanya, but she killed her as the 'fake' Kavya is dead! Now that Swara aka Helly  gets to know that Kavya is Tanya, it has to be seen how she and Ragini aka Tejaswi save the Maheshwari family!

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