Very Shocking Twist in Thapki Pyar Ki

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Thapki fulfills her promise asks for divorce

The upcoming episode will show that Bihan recovers and Vasundhara gives him blood.

Vasundhara reminds Thapki about her promise and Thapki agrees to fulfill it.

Bihan is happy and wants to play Holi with Thapki.

Bihan starts liking Thapki and so as Thapki.

But Thapki aka Jigyasa  behaves weird on Holi and stays away from Bihan.

Bihan aka Manish dances on Holi and also forces Thapki to dance along.

Thapki-Bihan's divorce
Thapki is tensed and knows that she has to break Bihan's heart to fulfill her promise.

Thapki hands over divorce papers to Bihan (Manish Goplani)  and asks for divorce.

Bihan is astonished to see this and doesn't believe on it.

And says that Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) is doing this under some pressure.

Let's see will Bihan find truth behind Thapki's divorce drama.

Stay tuned for more Thapki Pyar Ki updates of the upcoming episodes. 
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