Very Shocking Twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

Ashok Tries To Impress Shanaya, But Gets Slapped; Nidhi To Test Shanaya

Shanaya is shocked to see Vandhu condition, while Sooraj is shocked to see Ishita alive!

Shanaya who gets irked with Ashok Khanna behaviour and slaps him.
Previously, when Ashok had got the police to Mr Raichand house, she had slapped him.

Shanaya deals with Ashok, and also scolds Ruhi to go home, so that Ashok doesn doubt Shanaya (as Ishita). 
In the upcoming epsisode, Nidhi and Sarika plan to test Shanaya.

Nidhi takes Shanaya to Iyer house. Nidhi will stop the pandit from coming home to do pooja to test Shanaya.

Mrs Iyer cries in front of Shanaya, as pandit is not on time.

It is then Shanaya does pooja herself via Bluetooth!

Shanaya performing pooja.

Nidhi doubts Shanaya is Ishita, but at the right time ACP Ashok clarifies that the tests are negative and Shanaya is not Ishita.

Raman and Shanaya are happy with the results.

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