YHM : Raman and Shanaya get intimate to make Nidhi jealous

In the last episode of star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we saw all members of the Bhalla family come to know that Shanaya is Ishita exclude Sarika and Nidhi and they did a very grand function of  Ishita and Shagun’s (anita) god bharai. NIdhi feels jealous to see this. In the coming episode, we will see Nidhi will to do Holika Dahan puja with Raman, but Ruhi wants that Ishita (divyanka tripathi) will do this pooja. 
So shanaya  will make a plan to stop Nidhi. She will be stay her toys on stairs and NIdhi fell down on the floor. Her leg will break out and she will not perform puja. Raman will complete this puja with Ishita.
On the other hand, Nidhi  aka Pavitra will see Shanaya with Raman bhalla in a hotel and she wanted to intimate with him. Nidhi feels jealous and says, I will not leave both of them, I will teach you a big lesson.  As we know that Ishita and Raman do drama together to get the chip.
In the upcoming episode, we will see, Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) asks to Sarika that how she will trap Shanaya marry to Raman.  There is a lot of twist will come with this serial and also sweets moments also will come when Ishita will come in Bhalla family.
A leap year will come in this show. In the upcoming track, Raman and Ishita will separate from one another and Raman bhalla  will marry to Nidhi. Ruhi aka Ruhaanika Dhawan will change and become Ruhaan. He will make a tomboy who wears jeans, tops and hates Ishita. It doesn’t need to be sad of Ruhi’s fan because there is a good news for the fans also. The makers of the show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will retain her as the look of Ishita’s surrogate baby.
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