Biggest Twist : Swara to get kidnapped in Swaragini

It seems like the makers don’t want to compromise on Swara’s CID-giri!In the approaching episodes, the focus will be on Uttara (Khyati Mangla) and Rajat’s love story. it seems that, Swara  will try to convince Uttara that Rajat is not the ideal guy for her.

Some How , she will be far from convinced. In fact, the family would come to know about them and wedding preparations would start in full swing. Swara(Helly Shah) with her investigations would find out that Rajat is actually a vegetable seller’s son. She will see his parents at a shop.

They will try to explain things to her but she will be furious.

Then, they will kidnap her. afterward, we will see Rajat throwing Swara off a cliff. She will survive but lose her memory.In all probability, this memory loss is a drama to expose Rajat (Mohit Abrol) before the family.

 We guess that Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) & Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayagankar) will also be in the loop.

There is some buzz that Swara (Helly Shah) will get transported back into the time when she loved Lakshya (Namish Taneja). What will happen to Sanskaar then?

We know that Daadi (Alka Kaushal) is angry with the fact that Sharmishtha (Parineeta Borthakur) that she is pregnant with Shekhar’s (Sachin Tyagi) child.

She will try to kill both of them. In last night’s episode, we saw how Sujata (Sonica Handa) taunted Parineeta for not being able to bear a child.

Stay tuned for more updates about swaragini …
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