Drama ,drama and Big Drama in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Big Drama in YHM : Mani LOVES Ishita & Ishita MISSES to Meet Ruhan in Concert.

Drama, drama and more drama…that’s the key to the success for Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein .

In the upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms) , We will see mani returning to home from hospital and he will be able walk on his legs.

We have seen how Ruhi (ruhaanika Dhawan) ,Shravan and even aliya is a fan of Ruhaan the Rockstar. As We have already informed Ruhaan is none other than ishita’s little heart ruhi.

Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) changes her identity from Ruhi  to Ruhaan,girly to a tom boy style and not only that She will present infront of the world as if Ruhaan is a boy.

Ishita bhalla finds aliya lying her and going outside with a boy.She follows her and reaches a place where Ruhaan’s concert is conducted. Ishita also gets intuition of someone close to her.Though she tries to see her but all her efforts go in vain as there will be a huge crowd.

But Ishita finds a heart shaped paper with ‘R’ written on it and aliya tells that Ruhaan throws such papers for her fans. And she says that Ishita (divyanka tripathi) is lucky to get a heart.

On the other hand, Aliya will get a job to work as Ruhaan’s personal secretary and shares this news with Appa and Amma.

Wait we have an another twist for you…

Everyone know Mani and Ishita’s   bonding as they were childhood friends.But in these 7 years Mani has fallen in love with ishita bhalla and he confesses this to aliya. She will be happy and tells her appa to confess his feelings to Ishita (divyanka Tripathi)  amma as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more Yeh Hai Mohabbatein  updates.
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