Exclusive : OMG ! Rahul STILL NOT DIVORCED to Wife Sougata !

Late TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh was married to Air Hostess Sougata Mukherjee from Kolkata and wasn’t even formerly divorced with her according to his former lawyer Neeraj Gupta.

The revelation of his marriage to Sougata  Mukherjee was reportedly made to the deceased actress only recently, before she committed suicide.

What shocked us more was that the guy was not only in touch with his ex-wife OR wife, he was even exchanging flirty and lovey-dovey messages with her on Facebook.

Rahul Raj Singh and Sougata were even meeting each other until, a year before he started seeing Pratyusha Banerjee formally.

In an interview given to TOI in December over their participation in ‘Power Couple’, Rahul had revealed that he started dating Pratyusha Banerjee in June 2015. He said, “We first met in 2013 at a common friend’s birthday party, a year-and-a-half later at a club and then at my place for a party this year on June 21. We spent 14 hours at a stretch talking to each other and the next day again, we spent 13 more hours with each other.”

Reports also claim that Rahul was dating his ex-girlfriend Saloni Sharma before seeing Pratyusha but he did keep in touch with wife Sougata while seeing Saloni too.

Rahul Raj’s lawyer Neeraj Gupta who quit the case on human grounds has revealed that Rahul  Raj Singh hasn’t formerly got divorced with his wife Sougata Mukherjee  and the two still keep in touch. He also told ABP News that the two started living separately in 2013.
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