Finally ! Rahul’s ex Saloni Sharma opens up about Pratyusha’s case

Rahul Raj Singh is the prime suspect under Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide case…

Saloni Sharma consented to gave a meeting just on the off chance that anything would not sensationalize her rendition.
How was Rahul as a man?
He was eager when we met first and got to be companions. I too was entirely aspiring. He needed to wind up a business person. He more likely than not been decent for me to become hopelessly enamored with him. In any case, after August I didn’t have the best for affections for them two, and naturally so. In any case, then, I was not sitting and crying about it. You can’t den about what is not in your grasp.
Did you ever meet his family?
Yes, I met them at occasions. My family did not meet them however. In any case, we were not heading towards marriage, so there was no need in that capacity.
Would you depict Rahul as a tease?
I feel a touch of solid being a tease happens in our age bunch. I don’t think I can pinpoint the degree of his coyness.
A few productions have expounded on how individuals from residential communities can’t deal with achievement…
I don’t concur with that. You can’t pinpoint at a city, town or individual and say individuals from that point can’t oversee achievement. It relies on upon person.
According to the media reports drifting around, Rahul’s picture has happened to a conman and womanizer. Why do you think the other ladies gave him cash?
I don’t know under what affection he affirmed figured out how to take cash from them. I realized that I acted as hellfire for our occasions organization. I don’t comprehend what they were really going after. I have no find on the off chance that he was giving them medicates or not as being told in a few areas. We began running in misfortunes from begin of the year 2013, and it wouldn’t not be right to say that he was in a money related crunch.
How would you respond to reports that you used to pester Pratyusha on normal premise?
After the Feb 11 stand off, I never went to her home or met her out in the open. Where might I thrash her? In addition, why might she endure getting physically manhandled by me? In the event that I did not meet from 11 Feb, how could she have been able to she bite the dust of my torment? Truth be told, she was concluding her closet and gems for the wedding.
Some claimed that you demonstrated her a blade?
It is diverting. It resemble the best script ever composed. I need to discover the individual who said it and ask which blade was she discussing.
Did you ever have a battle?
Yes, once when she let me know not to request the cash.
The entirety is very enormous. You consented to take away the agreeable effectively?
That is on the grounds that they truly implored me to. They resembled don’t document a case it will be a media carnival. The two likewise said that how might I recover my cash on the off chance that they were in jail.
They did an appear, Power Couple as of late. Did the installments enhance post that?
He was paying me from August. Yes, I was vexed and let him know that after the show Power Couple he could be somewhat better than average and pay me a tad bit more. On the off chance that he had paid then I would not be having credit issues. I caught wind of monetary issues yet honestly I was not keen on his own or budgetary life.
Rahul Raj has the expectant safeguard. Did you have any thought regarding the issues between them?
I can’t comprehend why individuals expect that I knew everything. We had a battle, which had left no degree for any inviting discussion. I did not meet him and get some information about his relationship and what was going ahead in his own life. It was difficult to do as such after how they acted with me.
Why did Leena Dias take your name?
She has gone to Kamya Punjabi, Vikas Gupta, Dolly Bindra and Rakhi Sawant and painted this negative picture of me. She knew Pratyusha Benerjee and me and she had an issue against my name. Leena was working in our organization and called herself Rahul’s rakhi sister. Her conduct with him was unworthy of that of a sister. Leave that she was completely futile as a representative. She was utilized with us quickly and just squandered her time in office gabbing about her ex-es and how to handle them and celebrating was everything she could consider. I told Rahul that is was a misuse of cash having somebody like her on board. I didn’t sack her. He more likely than not advised her and she quit. I know where this hate is originating from. She is a wannabe performing artist who neglected to complete work and has nothing in life. Leena talked amid the Ankit Tiwari case also. At the point when the sun is sparkling, she needs to loll in another person’s grandness. Behati hui Gangaa mein principle bhi haath dho crackpot.
Is there anything you did get a kick out of the chance to elucidate?
Yes, in this whole occurrence, I am likewise similarly badgering, wronged and controlled. I was tossed out of a relationship. It is irrational of me to have an unsanctioned romance with somebody who was living-in, discussing his marriage and coordinating horoscopes. It was Pratyusha as well as talked about the wedding four-five days before the disaster. I talked strictly when giving my announcement when the cops requested it. Individuals in the Bangur Nagar Police Station knew me from the Feb 11 episode. They knew I was similarly irritated by them. Police let me know they’ll call me just on the off chance that I am required. I needed to give an announcement on account of the assertions that compounded by the fortnight.
Do you feel Sougata Mukherjee ought to likewise turn out?
Why would it be advisable for her to? An announcement from her can’t tackle the case. She is fortunate she is not named as a reason or anything. I too would have stayed calm on the off chance that I wasn’t faulted along these lines. I was termed as a co-backstabber and killer so I needed to stand up.
Did you ever find out about the nine-year-old child?
I don’t know who this kid is. I have never seen or caught wind of him. He never discussed his family. On the off chance that I had the notion or learning that he was clearly hitched with a child, I could never date him. I am not keen on conferred or wedded me.
There is a considerable measure of talk that Rahul evidently concealed his connections from Pratyusha…
My dad and I had educated her and the folks regarding his ex. She thought about me and her. There was no possibility of her being oblivious. I would not like to say such things in regards to her in the media now that she’s nobody yet she was an equivalent controller.
Did you ever attempt to win Rahul back?
No, it was throughout the day she talked about marriage. Period.
Why do you think he exited you so unexpectedly?
I would prefer not to answer that.
Who all have connected with you in this hour?
Nobody from the TV business all things considered; I have several on-screen character companions who have been with me all through this five-year-old adventure. I don’t wish to name them. They know the order of occasions. I am stunned to perceive how I have been faulted. I anticipated that individuals would be somewhat more clever and adult than this. Rakhi Sawant said I sent her a video, which dove Pratyusha into great trouble. Her number was obstructed on my whatsapp for 10 months, how would I send a video then?
Is it safe to say that you were stunned when Rahul hit you?
Yes, I didn’t anticipate that him will end up being a manikin in her grasp. It was truly troubling.
In this way, the stories that individuals were uninformed about you is false…
On the off chance that her guardians tell the police they didn’t know about me, it would be a major untruth.
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