Good News for Swaragini Fans

In Colors Show Swaragini’s handsome actor Namish Taneja found himself in a life threatening incident a few days back.

The popular TV star bought himself a new car but unfortunately the machine caught fire because of fuel leakage while he was still inside the car.

Namish Taneja tried to put the engine off but it was jammed.

Namish  Taneja could neither get out of the car as the central locking system had stopped working and he started to suffocate because of the thick smoke.

After struggling for some time, the actor finally managed to come out of the car.
Namish Taneja escaped car fire without getting hurt

The actor is thankful to God that he escaped this incident without being hurt.

Namish Taneja plays the role of Lakshya in Swaragini and currently he is seen married to Ragini once again on the show.
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