New Shocking Twist in Naagin

Entry of Gaurav Gera will give a new turn to Naagin

There will be great joy and  funny sequence. Today’s night because the entry of Gaurav Gera will so interesting. Gaurav Gera  play the role of icchadhari naag. His act will o funny.

Gaurav Gera will Yamini’s spy. Yamini (Sudha Chandra) calling him to follow Shesha and Shivanya everywhere. In the coming episode, Yamini and Shesha (Adaa Khan)consider a plan to kill Shivanya but they will not get success in their plan.

They will kill Rithik’s father Sangram Singh and Ankush Raheja. But the point is that Shesha will kill Ankush Raheja and also kill Shivanya in front of Rithik. There will be a big question arises that is the end of ths show? Or the starting of the new season.

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If new season will come, that season will be full of natural powers and more interesting then first season.  In second season, all viewers receive great joy and the hense of the audience will crubbling to watch the new season.

Because in this season thrill, action and comedy will be on upper level, so all audience don’t have to worry by ending this season. This season of Naagin is ending because to give you more interesting package Saturday and Sunday night.
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