Parineeti's evil intentions Revealed in Swaragini

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Durgaprasad's birthday celebrations in Maheshwari house  in Upcoming Twist

Swaragini: Swara and Ragini  organizes surprise birthday party for Bade papa

The upcoming episode will show that Swara-Sanskaar and Ragini-Lakshya are together now.

Swara (Helly Shah)   -Sanskaar and Ragini-Lakshya are happy in their lives and enjoys together.

Swara and Ragini  (Tejaswi Prakash) organizes surprise birthday party for Durga prasad.

All family members are surprised and happy to enjoy the birthday celebrations.

Parineeti's evil intentions

Durga Prasad celebrates his birthday by cutting cake and celebrates with family.

While Swara (Helly Shah)  and Ragini's happiness will not remain for long as a big twist awaits.

Parineeti is irked seeing Swara and Ragini  (Tejaswi Prakash) getting all the attention and will soon turn negative.

Stay tuned for more Colors Swaragini updates of the upcoming episodes.
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