Revealed ! Real Reason Behind RUHAN Ignoring Ishima

What is Behind RUHAN Ignoring Ishima? Hatred or Love for ISHI MAA

Drama, drama and more drama…that’s the key to the success for Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms). Yes, this is how ‘Ruhi’ turned ‘Ruhaan’ will look like and ‘He’ will reportedly become pally with Mani’s niece Aliya to create troubles in ‘Ishita’s life.

Though Ruhan meets Ishita but pretends to be that he didnt recognized. But their eyes seems that Ruhi (Ruhaanika Dhawan)  has Recognized her Ishi Maa. Oh AABB KYAA kiya Ruhi.

AAkhir Tumhare man kya Hai…. The buzz is that ‘Ruhaan’ now hates ‘Ishi Maa’ and is all set to create confusions and distance between ‘Raman Bhalla’ and ‘Ishita’ again.

‘Aliya’ is the niece who stayed with ‘Mani’ and is the foster daughter of ‘Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi)  now.‘Ruhaan’ is also upset with ‘Aliya’ since she holds her responsible for keeping her mother away from her.

On the other hand, Aliya will get a job to work as Ruhaan’s personal secretary and shares this news with Appa and Amma.

‘Ruhaan’ uses ‘Aliya’ to succeed in her intentions and keeps Aliya as assistant. Aliya is once seen leaving with ‘Ruhaan’ for ‘his’ concert and seeing her walking with a boy, ‘Ishita’ follows her to the concert where the first encounter between the two happens.

Wait we have an another twist for you in YHM …Stay tuned for latest updates..
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