SHOCKING TWIST : Raman Slaps Adi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM Latest News: Raman Slaps Adi for calling him Stone Hearted

Raman bhalla get angry on Adi for his new job and then Raman say to him that leave the job but Adi is not ready to leave his new job. 

Raman say to him that why he is not joining his business but Adi say he want to different work and he can’t force him like this.

The, Raman aka KAran  slap to him and say be in your limit then Adi say after Ishita Mom you have changed and now again you turned in stone hearted. He say to him that if his Ishita mom Alive then he complain to her for this. 

Raman get upset and he feels sorry in his heart.

Adi feel alone without her Ishita bhalla Maa and he recall her past in childhood with her Ishimaa. Bhalla family like Toshi bhalla and Shagun aka Anita will try to make him understand. 

Then, Shagun will think that this family really need Ishita, but how she find her that she is alive or not?

On the other hand Raman bhalla is in his closed room and he also recall his past and get so much emotional to think about Ishita and Ruhi. But now he can’t forgive to Ishita. 

Mihika meet to Ishita in hospital but Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) say to her that she has not guts to face Raman. Because if she will go back to home then Raman will scold her again.

Adi do complain to her dadi that he don’t want to join the business of his father. He want to do different work with new passion then Toshi Bhalla say to him that yes he can do anything, which he want to do. Aditya get happy to hear this and then he meet to Shravan.
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