This is What Happened In Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

Ishita & Raman  board the same flight. A passenger on board hijacks the plane. He aims at Ishita and orders her to sit. He tells everyone that he is a hijacker and has just hijacked the plane, if anyone acts smart, he will just shoot. Raman Bhalla & Ishita Bhalla  did not know they are close. Ishita does not see Raman Bhalla . 

But after the plane hijack, there is tension in the environment. The man has hijacked the plane for the sake of his love. The man wants to go Delhi to meet his girlfriend. He hijacks the Mumbai flight, and asks the pilot to take the flight to Delhi airport. The man has a fake gun with him, and scares everybody.
When it comes to love, Raman & Ishita are the best ones to explain.

 Raman and Ishita meet the man one by one and explain love to the hijacker. The man tells them about his love, he cries and acts weird. He asks Ishita not to fool him and aims gun at her. He says I just want to meet my girlfriend and troubles passengers.

 Raman tells him that love does not exist, and Ishita gives lecture on love positively. The man then surrenders as per Ishita’s good lessons. Raman and Ishita then reach Mumbai for Ruhaan’s ad shoot. Keep reading Reading For More Updates Of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein 

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