Twist and Turns in Star Plus 'Dahleez'

The Storytrack of star plus Dahleez showed a big twist coming up in Swadheenta’s life as Suhasini decides to fire her.

Suhasini is fighting the case for Banwarilal and her assistant Swadheenta ends up making a big mistake.

Suhasini gets angry on Swadheenta and calls her irresponsible.

Suhasini also tells Swadheenta that it is her last case and she is fired.

Swadheenta is sad to hear this but eventually she helps Suhasini win the case

Adarsh  in dilemma as engagement gets fixed with Vanshika.

Later on , Adarsh  (Harshad Arora) will find himself in big trouble as his engagement date with Vanshika will get fixed.

Adarsh’s brothers will notice that he is not happy with the engagement and will confront him.

Adarsh (Harshad Arora) will decide to tell his brothers about his love for Swadheenta.
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