Upcoming Twist and turns in Naagin

The forthcoming chapter of  Colors Tv Show Naagin will show that Yamini creates rift between sisters Shesha and Shivanya.

Yamani(Sudha Chandran) traps Shesha by telling to bring Rithik back to her forever.

Shesha (Adaa Khan) sits in pooja which makes Shivanya angry.

Shivanya (Mouni Roy) scolds Shesha for sitting in pooja after knowing that it is harmful for her.

Shesha argues with Shivanya (Mouni Roy) for interfering in her life and Shivanya gets broken down seeing Shesha’s rude behavior.

Yamini  makes Shesha agree for kiling Shivanya

Later on  , Yamini dreams about killing Shesha but she gets scared when Shesha comes in her room in real.

Yamani (Sudha Chandran) gives a knife to Shesha killing Shivanya.

Will Shesha kill her own sister Shivanya?

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