Very Shocking !! Pratyusha Banerjee was pregnant?

The TV actress Pratyusha admitted suicide a few days ago….

Television actress Pratyusha Banerjee killed herself by dangling from a roof fan on 1st April. While there have been a few speculations regarding why she murdered herself, the police haven’t ready to stick point one appropriate reason. One of the fundamental suspects is her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh, who was supposedly in an association with another lady as well. 
The on-screen character was discouraged because of this, however the most recent disclosure will shock you encourage. As per the reports the specialists felt she was pregnant before her demise. In any case, her loved ones denied it. In any case, the specialists at the JJ Hospital in Mumbai proceeded with a histopathological examination of the tissues from the uterus to twofold check their underlying discoveries. Also, today, they made it sure that Pratyushawas truth be told pregnant and had most likely experienced a premature birth.
As per the sources, the discoveries demonstrated that there was an origination few days or a month prior to her end, and there was a sudden passing of the fetal cell. The results of origination, or the placental or fetal tissue in the uterus discovered after conveyance, end of pregnancy or an unnatural birth cycle, were tainted and worsened. That normally implies towards an auxiliary contamination, likely happening because of an endeavor to end the pregnancy.
Be that as it may, specialists told that the police will have no way to decide the father of Pratyusha Banerjee’s youngster as there was no tissues left. Alternately rather they were evacuated and in such cases it us very unrealistic to complete a DNA test to build up the kid’s paternity. 
At the point when the every day reached Dean Dr TP Lahane of JJ healing center, he said that they can not uncover the discoveries. The report has been given over to the police.
The police is right now completely centered around finding the reason for Pratyusha Banerjee‘s demise and this most recent advancement may help their cause. 
Rahul , who is right now on expectant safeguard, will be addressed about this. In the in the interim, the performing artist’s body is being investigated at the Kalina Forensic Science Laboratory, where specialists will run concoction tests to search for hints of harming. Her hair, nail and blood tests have been safeguarded for DNA investigation.
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