Big Truth Revealed In Swaragini

Ragini finds the bullet.
She also finds a gun in the flour box. 

Ragini will be finding Parineeta’s truth.
She will get to know that Parineeta had joined hands with Rajat! 

According to the latest promo, Swara will be blaming Sanskar. 

She thinks that Sanskar tried to kill her. 

Sahil comes to Swara’s rescue. 

Sanskar will be shocked to know about Swara’s partial memory loss.

Sahil will not be knowing that Swara is married to Sanskar.

Swara and Sahil will be bonding over music.

Swara goes into Sahil’s room and will be excited to see guitar and plays it. 
Sahil’s mother thinks Swara as Sahil’s fan and throws her out of the house.

Sahil will bring Swara back home. 
He will play the guitar while Swara will sing for the tunes.

Eventually, Sahil will fall in love with Swara.

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