Mindblowing Twist in Swaragini

In Colors Show Swaragini Rajat comes with his fake parents along with baraat. Sujata welcomes him with aarti & tilak. Suddenly Utara faints during marriage as she comes to know about his truth. Rajat takes her to room. Swaragini exposes Rajat. Rajat takes Swara(Helly Shah) with him while keeping gun on her neck. 
He was sure that they will do something and that’s why brings goons along with baraatis. He kidnaps Swara and goes. Everyone is shocked and go behind Rajat to save Swara. Ragini promises her mum that she will not let anything happen to Swara. There will be twist leading to Swara’s kidnapping.
Annapurna goes to shoot Rajat in defense & Uttara gets shot. Ragini, Swara and everyone come there. They stop Rajat. Rajat takes Swara and leaves from there. Swara gets kidnapped. Its high voltage drama. Sanskaar and Laksh rush after Rajat to get Swara saved. Swara is kidnapped and Parineeta is back in wounded state. 
Rajat will try to kill Swara, and a new entry will be joining the show. Rajat throws Swara in the river. A new character Sahil will be jumping in the river and saving Swara. Sahil will get obsessed with Swara and madly fall in love with her. Sahil would be taking away Swara with her. Anuj Sachdeva would be entering the show as the new hero. Keep reading Reading For More Updates Of Swaragini

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