Mindblowing Twist in Swaragini

The forthcoming episode of Colors Show  Swaragini will show that cops declare as Swara Maheshwrai is dead which bring a big shock for Sanskaar.

Sanskaar(Varun Kapoor) believes that his Swara is alive because his heart is still beating which is sign of she is not dead.
Family is tensed seeing Sanskaar in depression and think that Sanskaar might go in his previous state.

Not only Sanskaar, but Ragini also believe that her sister Swara cannot leave them so easily as she has strong feelings about is Swara is waiting of her.
Sahil stops Swara recalling her past
Ragini tells Sanskaar that they both feel as Swara is alive so they will have to bring her back to home.

Ragini and Sankaar join hands to find Swara while Sahil takes care of Swara.
Swara feels restless when Sanskaar misses her but Sahil makes her calm down that she has seen some dream.
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