OMG What Happened In Naagin

The forthcoming chapter of Colors Show  Naagin will show that Shesha takes Shivanya’s avatar and comes in to Ritik.
Shesha plans celebrating wedding night with Ritik and she gets closer to him when he comes there.

Shesha’s drama does not go longer as Rithik identity her.
Rithik pushes Shesha on the floor and tries to kill her but Shesha tells him that she is a Icchadhari naagin and he cannot kill her.
Rithik says to  Shesha that if he cannot kill her then will make her house arrest.

Rithik attempt to kill Viren for sending Shivanya (Mouni Roy) into jail

Ritik ties belptra on door which Shesha can never cross.
On the other hand, Viren makes Shivanya arrest and Ritik tries to kill him sending Shivanya in jail while he himself killed Shivanya’s parents.

How will Ritik save Shivanya from jail?
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