Sad News For Swaragini Fans

The forthcoming chapter of Colors Show  Swaragini will show Rajat pushing Swara off the cliff.
Rajat gets shot by someone and he too fall down along with Swara.
Sanskaar manages to catch Swara and tries to save her life.

on the other hand Sanskaar fails to pull up Swara and she falls done the cliff.
Before falling off, Swara says the words ‘I Love You Sanskaar’ and Sankaar is shocked seeing his beloved Swara losing her life.

Maheshwari family broken down post Swara’s exit

Swara’s death will put Sanskaar(Varun Kapoor) in a state of shock and he will not be ready to accept that Swara is dead.
Sanskaar will hold himself responsible for losing Swara.
Sanskaar will be in depressed and the Maheshwari family will be broken down after Swara’s exit.
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