Shocking Twist in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

The present track of Sony’s  Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi shows Sonakshi being overwhelmed seeing Dev’s increasing concern for her.

Dev invites Natasha and Gujral for dinner after signing business deal with them.
Ishwari asks Sonakshi to join them for dinner but Sonakshi refuses.
Ishwari thinks that she is unwell and sends her home.

When Dev comes to know that Sonakshi is unwell, he lands up at her house.
Sonakshi is touched thinking that Dev came all the way just to meet her.
Sonakshi is alone at home and Dev and Sonakshi share cute moments talking with each other.

Sonakshi plays a prank and locks Sonakshi’s house form outside.
When Dev realizes that he has to return home, he gets tensed seeing that they have been locked inside.

Ishwari upset with Dev visiting Sonakshi

On the other Side, Ishwari is worried about Dev as he has not returned home despite of Natasha and Gujral waiting for him.
It will now be seen that Ishwari will be furious with Dev for landing up at Sonakshi’s house.

Ishwari will also start doubting that there is something brewing between Dev and Sonakshi.
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