Spoiler Alert for Dehleez

The forthcoming episodes of  Star Plus Show Dehleez will show Asad getting trapped into the web of terrorist as the police will find links between Asad and the terrorists.

Adarsh & Swadheenta’s sangeet ceremony starts off and everyone dances and has a good time, Jaya and Jaidev put up a dance together and share a romantic moment for the first time.

on the other Side, Manohar is unable to enjoy the party as he gets informed by Alan Broad about the terrorist threat.
Manohar says to  Suhasini about the bomb blast and also tells her that the wedding will have to be postponed.

Asad refuses for postposing wedding

The family have a meeting together and everyone gets shocked to hear about the bomb blast threat.

Ramakrishna agrees for postposing the wedding but Asad speaks up saying that they should not move the dates as Swadheenta will be sad.
Very soon, the police will find traces of terrorist plans against Adarsh’s family and the doubt will come on Asad

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