Upcoming Twist and Turns in Dehleez

The present track of Dehleez is showing Simmi suddenly having a change of heart for Swadheenta after realizing that she saved her life.
Swadheenta rushes Simmi to hospital as she faints.
Swadheenta comes to know about Simmi having a heart problem but is surprised when Adarsh tells her that Suhasini and Manohar are unaware about it.

The doctor informs everyone that Simmi is pregnant.
While Suhasini and Manohar start rejoicing, the rest of the family is tensed knowing that Simmi has a weak heart and will not be able to handle the pregnancy.
Swadheenta thinks that she will make sure Suhasini and Manohar know about Simmi heart condition to avoid more problems in the family.

Swadheenta to reveal Simmi heart condition to Suhasini and Manohar

On the other Side , Simmi thinks that she will try her best to make Suhasini accept Swadheenta as her daughter in law without any bitterness.
Will Swadheenta be able to resolve Simmi’s problem.
Will Simmi be able to help Swadheenta? Let’s wait and watch.

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