Upcoming Twist And Turns in Kala Teeka

Gauri calls Yug to meet her so that she can proof her innocence
The current episode of Zee Tv’s  Kaala Teeka shows that villagers gives injection to Gauri and she faints.

Maa saab says that this engagement should not happen at any cost.
Roop threaten shivpal that if she did not get 10lakh then she will expose him.
Kali calls Yug and says to meet her at the back of the resort because she want to show him the proof of her innocence.

Gauri is hung by the villagers and the women tells her that they sacrifice the one who does sin at this night.
Gauri  asks the villagers to let her go but they refuse to do so.
Yug gets locked in the room and his phone is dead as well.

Gauri to confess her wrong deeds

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that  Gauri will confess the truth that Yug is married to Kaali.
Gauri will create a false kidnapping drama to throw Kali out of chaudary house.
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