Upcoming Twist and Turns In Swaragini

The forthcoming episodes of  Colors Show Swaragini will show Sanskaar and Lakshya setting out in search of Swara.

The two brothers will come across Sahil’s mother but she will not be able to tell them about Swara’s location.
afterward on, Sahil’s mother will see Swara and Sahil together in the music room.

Sahil’s mother gradually comes to know about Swara having lost her memory.
Sahil & Swara’a bond will grow and Sahil’s mother will not like this and will want to throw her out of Sahil’s house.

Sahil’s mother to be road block for his love

Sahil’s mother will also realize that Sahil is falling in love with Swara and she will be against his love.
Sahil will try to woo Swara with his love but his mother will create a roadblock for him.
While Sanskaar and Lakshya try to locate Swara, they will be unaware that she is becoming love interest of Sahil.

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