Big Twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

In the forthcoming chapter, judge has given 20 days to Ishita and Raman for convincing Ruhi to stay with them.

As Ruhi said that she does not wants to stay with her family as they always keeps on fighting so both the families tries to sort out  their differences and try to stay united so that Ruhi returns home.

Ishita decides that she will do every possible thing to convince Ruhi to return home and Romi comes to bhalla house as they have to stay united in order to get Ruhi back.

Ishita decides to unite Romi and Raman

Raman does not want Romi to come home and he does not want his family members to talk to him.
When Raman comes home then he gets angry to see Romi in his house and Ishita talking to him.
Let’s see whether Ishita is able to unite Raman and Romi or not.

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