Dehleez : Adarsh get shocked seeing ....

The popular star plus show Dehleez is going to unfold high voltage drama where Swadheenta life will be in danger and that makes Adarsh realize his mistake.

According to current track of Dehleez, Yash catches terrorist Arvind Gupta and decide to kill him for destroying all evidences against him
Arvind Gupta is one who knows that Ashad was innocent and Yash proved him as a terrorist

Adarsh to support Swadheenta to find real culprit

In the upcoming episode, the scene will become more dramatic when Bilal stab Swadheenta in front of court.

Adarsh get shocked seeing Swadheenta life in danger and start doubting something is fishy. Adarsh take him into the case and start investing to find the real culprit.

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  1. Ihope serial is not going off air many people r in love with ds show all the faltu stupid shows of 7 pm n 9 pm n 9:30 shuld go off air nt ths new show such an amazing show whts wrng wit star plus people