Diya Aur Baati Hum : Bhabho stuck between ......

The forthcoming episode of Diya Aur Batai Hum will sho wtaht Suraj gets angry on Sandhya for leaving job and running his shop.
Suraj decides to sell his shop which makes Sandhya upset.

Sandhya scolds Suraj for talking such type of decision despite of knowing sweet shop is his dream and how can he broke it like this.
Suarj asks Sandhya then why she broke her dream of IPS leaving her job.
Suraj and Sandhya argue over their dreams and Bhabho interrupts them.
Bhabho is tensed seeing her son and daughter in law are very much concern for each other dreams.

Bhabho (Neelu Waghela) gets overwhemed seeing Suraj and Sandhya's love for each other

Sandhya asks Bhabho to tell who is right between Suraj and Sandhya.
Bhabho gets in dilemma about she does not want to hurt Suraj and Sandhya by supporting one.
What will Bhabho’s decision for Suraj and Sandhya?

Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

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