Mindblowing Twist in Dehleez

The upcoming episode will show that Swadheenta is fighting case for Asad and Haider Jilani.
Swadheenta finds some clue against systems involvement in trapping Asad in terrorist case.

Swadheenta takes paddy's help to get proofs against Allan Broad and others involved with him.
Swadheenta finds about money transfer in Manohar and ministers account done by Allan Broad.

Swadheenta finds Arvind 

Swadheenta raises this point in court tell about her doubt on system, says that someone is trying to trap Jilani.
Suhasini goes against Swadheenta and tries hard to save Manohar from thus accusations.
Swadheenta now joins hand with police to find the real culprit Arvind Gupta.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.
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