OMG Sahil shoots Swara In Swaragini

In Colors Show Swaragini Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva) turns complete pshyco and points gun at Swara seeing Sanskaar in Swaragini

High Voltage drama is going to unfold where Swara will regain her memory.
Sahil finds Swar aalone in jungle and confess his love to her.
Swar gets sacred by Sahil and runs to esape from her while Sanskaar and Lakshya also recah teh sam eplace.

Swara feels hapy seeing Sanskakar and sanskaar akss Sahil to leave Swara otherwise he will kill her.
Sahil points out gun at Swara while Sanskaar asks him to kill him but leaves Swara.
Swara bites Sahil's hands and runs twoards Sanskaar which makes Shahil angry.

Sahil shoots Swara seieng her going towards Sanskaar

Sahil shots Swara and sh efallas unconsous in Sanskaar's arms.
Lakshya beats Sahil while Swara starts all the past memories of how Rajat killed her and she lost her memory.

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