OMG Swara Did It In Swaragini

In Colors Swaragini Parineeta blackmails Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) over Sharmistha’s pregnancy in Swaragini
The upcoming episode will show that Ragini has faked her pregnancy for her mother Sharmistha.

Sharmistha is pregnant but Dadi doesn't support her and thus she forced Sharmistha forced to abort the child.
Ragini feels bad see a new life dying because of society pressure and thus decides to help her mother.
Ragini decide to take away baby after its birthday from Sharmistha and pretends it to be Ragini's.
Lakshya (Namish Taneja) to save Ragini from Parineeta
Thus Ragini fakes about her pregnancy to family, Parineeta Bhabhi came to know about it.

Ragini is about to tell everyone about it was Parineeta wo helped Rajat to kidnap Swara but Parineeta stops Ragini doing it.
Parineeta tells Ragni that if she will expose her then she wil also reveal to everyone about her fake pregnancy.

Parineeta blackmails Ragini to support her to hide her pregnancy truth but Swara has now exposed Parineeta's truth.
Ragini is broken down in front of Lakshya by telling her that she will have to support Parineeta for Sharmishtha and Lakshya asks her no to worry as she is doing for her mother.

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