Saath Nibhana Saathiya : Finally Gopi.....

In the upcoming episode, Paridhi and Monika determine to create hurdles in Gop’s way so that she is not able to get successful in her business.

Even after Paridhi and Monika’s plan to put stain on their sarees get failed then too they are determined and plan something new to spoil their efforts.

Kokila and Gopi with the help of other women try to make the most beautiful sarees and they are doing a lot of hard work.
Paridhi and Monika mix something in the food of the workers and all of them eat the food.

Paridhi executes her evil plan

All the women faints while working and Kokila-Gopi gets shocked to see this.
Kokila and Gopi gets worried and they are not able to understand that what has happened to them.
Gopi finally with the help of all the women completes her first order.

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