Shocking Move by Tanu In Kumkum Bhagya

 Champak escapes and Abhi fails to catch him, Tanu pretends to catch Champak but she falls and faints

In the forthcoming chapter, Tanu(Leena Jumani ) says that Pragya is characterless as she is a married woman still she had an affair with Champak.
Tanu instigates Abhi against Pragya and says that she pretended to be innocent but in reality this is her truth.
Purab will clear the misunderstanding by showing the complete video to Abhi which Tanu has edited and shown to him in order to create misunderstanding between Abhi –Pragya.
Abhi comes to know Champak's truth and he beats him badly, he ask him who gave him money to do all this.

Abhi gets angry

As per the current track Pragya beats Champak for misbehaving with her and touching her.
Tanu shows the edited video to Abhi and says that Pragya was with with Champak last night.
Abhi gets shocked to see the video and Purab tries to explain Abhi that it is not true.

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